TDX advice is based on daily financial variables, making its recommendations fresh, objective, and dynamic. TDX will tell you whether to invest or divest today. It will inform you directly when to buy or sell stocks, and forecast how your investments will behave in the coming months.


TDX is the result of over 20 years of research and experience in the Stock Exchange. It uses research methodologies based on evidence, successful patterns, to justify the important patterns that really make markets react favorably.


You'll receive tailored training to make the most of the system and take you from zero to 100% trained investor.

Comprehensive Training

The system includes hands-on training on how to use TDX, taking you to a professional level where you will grasp the included concepts.

Direct Investment

With TDX System, you have the opportunity to open an account directly in your name on the New York Stock Exchange, regardless of your location or country. We provide you with the ease of doing it from the comfort of your home. Our goal is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible for our clients. Contact us today to start your investment journey with TDX System.

Unique Strategy

You will learn a professional and effective medium-term investment strategy to invest in the best stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Automatic Analysis

TDX analyzes over 3,000 stocks worldwide daily. TDX determines stocks that will perform best, valuation. TDX diversifies by suggesting optimal portfolio management. Forecasts per share, each company is analyzed with daily updated financial and economic variables issuing unique reports.

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Continuous Growth Strategy

This strategy is based on companies' fair value and accumulating shares using compound interest that acts like a snowball effect, as Warren Buffett says. You will understand and apply the strategy in depth with TDX SYSTEM.

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In addition to the experience, you'll have a direct account on the New York Stock Exchange, saving time, effectiveness, and knowledge in financial markets.


Comprehensive support - You will receive access to the TDX software to spot opportunities.


Price objectives indicators by different valuation methodologies, in the analysis of over 3,000 stocks.


Portfolio diversification for better performance with the Markowitz and Litterman model on the best stocks.


Unique accumulation distribution strategy with forecast of future scenarios for the best stock portfolio.


TDX will tell you whether to invest or divest today. It will inform you directly in which company to invest; it will also forecast how your investments will behave in the coming months.


TDX, additionally, applies theories from eminent professors of the world's best universities. We can say we are unique, and TDX is the ally you need, besides being the best advisory software to invest.


Our clients' testimonials are proof of the quality of our work and our commitment to customer satisfaction. TDX SYSTEM is dedicated to delivering results that create value and exceed our clients' expectations.

“Thanks to TDX Stocks, I have transformed my investment approach. With an intuitive interface and precise data, I now have complete control over my investments. The minimal time commitment required fits perfectly with my busy professional life. TDX Stocks has simplified stock investment smartly and accessibly. I highly recommend this innovative and hassle-free platform!”

Andres Gomez CFA - HEDGE FUND

“The Trading Desk system is an opportunity and a new window that few have access to unless taught. This is a tool to achieve high income levels and grow.”

Federico Martínez. Engineer - EE.UU

“The Trading Desk system is a tool that allows me time and space for my own things while participating in modern opportunities in the financial markets.”

Lautaro Kamues Trader, Professional Investor – Chile.

You will also receive comprehensive support in Stocks, enjoy the software from the comfort of your computer in your office, or from anywhere in the world, with effective training for interacting confidently and without hesitation.

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